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Kiss Logistics Warehouse Manchester

Warehousing & Fulfilment at Kiss Logistics, our secure, modern warehousing facilities have full inventory management systems enabling us to offer the very best in order fulfilment services. From long term storage of product through to fast moving goods or simply a sudden stock increase that has exceeded your own capacity; we are able to provide a solution which gives you peace of mind. We have a dedicated warehouse management team working alongside you to ensure your warehousing services and challenges are run correctly.

Our warehouse services include:

  • Container de-stuffing & handballing loose goods
  • Cross docking for onward distribution
  • Pallet storage (racked and non-racked)
  • Order pick, pack and deliver
  • Palletisation & packaging
  • Full inventory management
  • Onward distribution available to all European destinations


Warehousing & Fulfilment at Kiss Logistics – Management

Receiving, Storage, Picking & Distribution

  • Our powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes movement and throughput, all in real-time and paperless.
  • We customize our processes to suit our clients’ unique scope, yet we do it under a single systemic platform and base foundation.
  • Expand into new markets quickly and easily. Our platform provides the ultimate scalability and flexibility.


Inventory Management

Picking Allocation, Aging, Inventory Control & Product Integrity

  • Our clients maintain an efficient footprint by utilizing our tools to manage stock levels.
  • Effective Rotation: Our picking allocation strategies reduce product aging by ensuring our clients’ product is rotated effectively.
    • First In, First Out (FIFO).
    • First Expire, First Out (FEFO).
    • First Manufacture, First Out (FMFO).
    • Or a custom strategy that optimizes our clients’ product’s integrity.
  • Auto Alerts: We provide automated notifications when the product is nearing shelf life.
  • Optimize Procurement: We enable end-to-end tracking tools to monitor stock levels and optimize our clients’ spending.
  • Inventory Accuracy: Our team will help maintain and report accurate inventory levels and financials by utilizing our robust cycle counting program.


Data and Visibility

Reporting, Trending & Monitoring

  • Our online portal supplies full visibility to our clients’ inventory and transaction history in real-time.
    • Place orders against stock directly through the dedicated portal.
    • Edit, cancel, approve orders using interactive queries.
    • Run reports at will, subscribe to email alerts, bookmark favorites.
    • Monitor real-time activity with a wide variety of dashboards.
    • Run KPI metrics for on-time performance.
    • Track and trace through delivery with participating carriers.
  • We offer variable and flexible integration solutions to feed warehouse milestone data to our clients’ ERP (or other) systems.
    • API
    • EDI (XML, X12, CSV)
    • We also provide standard specs or customs mapping to your specs.



Booking, Shipping & Tracking

  • Our solutions provide automated booking with couriers to reduce errors and mis-ships.
  • Utilize our managed services team to optimize load consolidation and routing.
  • Add custom business rules to optimize cost and arrival to a consignee.
  • We offer standard documentation (Bill of Lading, Packing List, Product labels) or create customized labels to suit your business or client’s requirements.
  • Track and trace delivery milestones using our online portal.

Kiss Logistics

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